Mobile Broadband

I recently needed to be able to access the internet over Easter weekend when we were staying at my Mothers. In the past dial-up at this location was very slow (DACS line) and piggy backing on other people’s WiFi was also a little bit hit and miss.

Looking around at 3G mobile data solutions, I . . . → Read More: Mobile Broadband

Nokia 6300

I have recently changed my main phone from a Nokia 6230i to a Nokia 6300. The 6300 has been around for a while and the 6301 is just being introduced.

I like the larger screen of the 6300, it is 320 by 240 pixels and is clear and sharp.

Like all Nokias in the last . . . → Read More: Nokia 6300

TomTom Go 720 Further Update

Using the 720 in France has confirmed my earlier thoughts about how well the TMC receiver would work over here.

With all of the transmitters on 107.7 MHz removes the need for the receiver to retune at regular intervals as it does in UK.

I have also been impressed with the detail of the mapping . . . → Read More: TomTom Go 720 Further Update