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Future Gadgets

Using my iPaq in conjuction with my mobile phone, I have got used to a ‘two box’ solution to my day to day email, calendar and reminder requirements. Whilst most mobile phones can do most if not all of these
functions to get a decent size screen means that you will carrying around quite a large device that is tied in someway to a mobile phone contract.

I do prefer a small phone that pops into my shirt pocket, with bluetooth and a handsfree it does most things I want. I am currently using a Nokia 6230i.

I posed myself the question the other day what would I replace my iPaq with? One device that has interested me recently is the new Nokia N800 internet tablet. It isn’t a phone, but it has bluetooth, WiFi. So it would seem a useful device. The N800 is released at the end of March at a price of £300 approx.