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Ubuntu Linux

I’ve long been a Linux user, firstly as a command line user for running an old Amateur Radio TCP/IP system which I closed down back in 2003. More recently I have been using Fedora Core 3 on an old Intel P4 box. I started using this in the summer of 2005 whilst off work. Mainly as something to keep my mind occupied.

I upgraded to FC5 and ran that on the box for about 6 months or so. Earlier this year I sent off for a Ubuntu CD having heard good things about it. Wow how much has this changed the overall experience.

A lot easier and quicker to install than anything I have run before. Pop in the CD, boot the machine from CD and within a couple of screens I had a live Linux system. From there it was a simple case of clicking on an install icon and within 15 minutes I had fresh Ubuntu install.