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These days it seems to be impossible to get an answer to a simple question…

How much do you charge to replace the battery on my Sat Nav? Read from top to bottom

Customer Steve Morton 13/03/2011 10.37 AM Hi My battery on my GO 720 doesn’t hold it’s charge for very long (10 mins!) . . . → Read More: Tom Tom Customer Service

TomTom Go 720 Further Update

Using the 720 in France has confirmed my earlier thoughts about how well the TMC receiver would work over here.

With all of the transmitters on 107.7 MHz removes the need for the receiver to retune at regular intervals as it does in UK.

I have also been impressed with the detail of the mapping . . . → Read More: TomTom Go 720 Further Update

Sat Nav

I have recently bought myself a TomTom Go 720 with the TMC (Traffic Message Channel) receiver add-on. I’ve used it on a few longer journeys already so I’ve had a good opportunity to assess it.

I’m not new to Sat Nav, I’ve been using TomTom Routeplanner on my HP iPaq with a Bluetooth Emtac GPS . . . → Read More: Sat Nav