I’ve recently retired from full time work and moved to a small village near Thouars in France.

I spent over 35 years as an RF engineer working in various government departments. Apart from radio, I’m also a keen photographer, the pictures you see above are taken from around the area we live now.

This blog was started as a general technology blog with posts fairly infrequently, but now I have more time I will be devoting more of my spare time to adding new articles to the blog.

I must make it clear which Steve Morton I am. It might be easier to say which ones I am not…

  • I’m not Steve Morton the husband of Jo Wiley the former Radio 1 DJ
  • I’m not Steve Morton a real estate management person
  • I’m not Steve Morton the photographer, nice work Steve…
  • I’m not Steve Morton the University of Derby lecturer
  • There are many more Steve Morton’s, some who think my email address is theirs judging by some of the emails I receive….

Thanks for visiting and do come back again soon.

Steve Morton