I’ve been taking photographs for about 50 years. From my first camera bought for me on a holiday in London the Kodak Instamatic 25 which uses 126 cartridge film (no longer available).

Various 35mm SLR film cameras followed that once I started working, a couple of Praktica SLR’s, an Olympus OM30. These sat in the cupboard unused once the Canon EOS30 arrived in 2001 (centre back). I also dabbled with a Lubitel 2 120 roll film camera for a while!.

I went digital in 2004 with the EOS20D (right) and occasionally used Alison’s Powershot compact camera. The EOS 100D (centre) was added to the collection in 2015 for our trip to North America, I needed something lighter than the EOS20D.

Like a lot of people I use my iPhone a lot every day, it is not the camera, it is the camera you have with you that counts most.

I contribute photos frequently on Instagram as @MrPhilofaxy, @MrSteveMorton and @TN_Times

I’ve done a few blog posts about photography on here too.