Nokia 6300

I have recently changed my main phone from a Nokia 6230i to a Nokia 6300. The 6300 has been around for a while and the 6301 is just being introduced.

I like the larger screen of the 6300, it is 320 by 240 pixels and is clear and sharp.

Like all Nokias in the last five years or so, the interface will be familiar to most people. You will only need the manual for some of the lesser used functions.

The camera produces pictures of around 2 megapixels (1600×1200) it copes fairly well with all but the scenes with high contrast. So don’t give away your digital compact just yet, but the results are excellent compared to phone cameras of a few years a go.

Like my previous phone I have loaded Opera Mini and GMail. Both are easy to use and benefit from the larger screen on the 6300.

As on my previous Nokia there is a radio and music player, not that I am likely to use either much. I have an iPod for my music requirements.

An interesting change Nokia have made on this phone (possibly others too?) is the use of a miniature USB connector for the interface in addition to a headphone jack and power jack. It means that a standard USB cable that you might already have for your digital camera or memory card reader will work with the phone. When you connect the cable the phone asks you what mode you want to use the cable in. A pleasant change to having to buy specialist cables… how many of those have you got kicking around in your cupboard for old phones you no longer use….