Stevie Nicks on Absolute Radio

I’ve been a Fleetwood Mac fan for longer than I can remember, certainly the early 1970’s possibly before then as a kid. I’ve also loved to hear about the background to some of my favourite songs no matter which band it is.











I came . . . → Read More: Stevie Nicks on Absolute Radio

Music in 2012

Here is a list of the top 25 tracks I listened to in 2012… at my desk, in the car or just wandering around on my iPod. Quite a varied list…yes no?

Name Artist Album Year Plays Last Played Sunlight Moon Bruce Hornsby Spirit Trail 1998 63 19/12/2012 Sorrow Pink Floyd Pulse 1995 60 18/12/2012 . . . → Read More: Music in 2012

Music Makes My World Go Around

My love of modern pop music dates back to my childhood. I have a very vague recollection of going to see the film ‘Hard Day’s Night’ at the cinema, which would have been about 1964, I was only 5 then hence why I say vague. I was born ‘across the water’ in Bebington, which is . . . → Read More: Music Makes My World Go Around