My Top 100 music tracks of 2013

Once again here’s the Top 100 music tracks I have listened to in 2013, this is an output from iTunes so it includes music I listen to in the car, whilst at my desk or wandering around. I listen to many hours of music in any week, but these tracks are the ones I’ve listened . . . → Read More: My Top 100 music tracks of 2013

Apple iPod

The iPod has been a great invention. It was the first Apple product I/we owned. It was Philip my son who first made me aware of the iPod, he showed me the advert for the 1st generation iPod, it almost seemed to be too good to be true. A small device that you could slip . . . → Read More: Apple iPod

iTunes Smart Play Lists

I’ve been using iTunes for several years and I think I got my first iPod in March 2004, a 20GB 3rd generation model. I have since got a bigger capacity one. But the topic of this post is how I have been using Smart Play Lists.

I have one play list which I use a . . . → Read More: iTunes Smart Play Lists