It is ok I know my way there I have been before

I have spent this weekend in London for a Philofaxy meet up, as usual we met at Tate Modern an area I have got to know quite well.

During my years of working for the Radiocommunications Agency (1985-2004) I visited London for meetings about once a week I suppose. So it was like going back in time this weekend when I found myself using the Jubilee line to travel to Canary Wharf to go out for a meal at a hotel near by.

I knew the hotel quite well from the days when RA was based at South Quay 3. But when I emerged from the station although some of the buildings looked familiar there new buildings now on the skyline. Where there once used to be a foot bridge there was now a new building! But I found my way there ok.

Sunday morning saw me going to Waterloo station to buy some stationery, but they are rebuilding the concourse the WH Smiths that used to be near to the clock has disappeared! So I crossed the river to The Strand and got what I needed there.

Walking back to my hotel this evening I passed New Kings Beam House (NKBH) which used to also be known as Sea Containers House. NKBH as we called it was home to RA after the 1996 IRA bombing of South Quay, it is being refurbished at the moment and no doubt will see another change of name and inhabitants

So just because you have been there before, it doesn’t mean that it will still be the same in 6, 12 or 18 months time.

London though never seems to stop it is busy everyday of the week. I am just glad I will be sleepy rural France during the London 2012 games this summer.