Man Bag..

OK it’s a very French thing I realise, but I also don’t like carrying ‘stuff’ in my pockets, fine in winter when you are wearing a jacket, but in summer I find my shorts are weighed down with ‘stuff’

Well what sort of ‘stuff’ are we talking about….

Car keys, house keys, magnifier (my close in eyesight is terrible these days), mobile phone, Filofax – which is also my wallet, a pen and a torch (for night time!)

I also carry a small compact camera a lot of the time too.

So I found I already had a bag that I wasn’t using, it was used for my portable CD player…. infact this one…

I now use an iPod… ah add that to the list of ‘stuff’, the above fitted in to the bag like this:

It has a nice soft lining for both compartments and it’s quite discreet and compact. So I gathered all my ‘stuff’ together and tried it in the bag:

Wonderful, except the Filofax is a little too tall… ah but I have a Pocket Filofax, a quick try and that converted ok to my Wallet/Filofax, gather my ‘stuff’ together again:

And this looked more promising…. and in the bag it all fits including the compact camera:

Sorted…. it’s also fairly shower proof as I discovered the other day in Niort!!

3 thoughts on “Man Bag..

  1. John G0GCQ

    Very well thought out and practical. But what is that I see? A ‘plain’ Nokia phone? I expected you to have an Android system at the very least, Steve!
    Perhaps, with a broad grin, this is what I have to expect in a year’s time? Roll-on early retirement, then!

  2. James Frazer

    Very interesting. I have a jacket that goes everywhere with me as well as a back-pack made of parachute material. If it gets too hot for the jacket I unroll the compact bag and roll up my jacket into it, then it’s on my back and out of the way.

    In the jacket I have the jack-of-all-trades, my iPhone. It’s my notepad, torch, phone, iPod and camera. Also have a small and lightweight wind-up torch as a backup plan. My cheque book folds up nicely alongside my portable iPhone battery charger, which is also flat and light; the chequebook is there in case some swine half-inches my wallet. That just leaves a small-change man-purse and my asthma inhalers, which are essential.

  3. bunny

    aaa the joys of being a woman with a large handbag! 😉 but a lot of men carry around rucksacks/messanger style bags nowadays, i like your wee bag steve it looks good! well done for fitting everything in 🙂


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