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If you use Blogger/Blogspot for your blog you will have noticed that since 25 May you will not have received emails containing the comments.

Also missing are emails about comments that need moderating or emails of new posts on your blog.

This was all connected to the new GDPR regulations and permission to send emails. Even though you had put these email addresses in yourself years ago!

There is now a simple fix, starting with emailing new comments:

  1. Go to your blogger dashboard.
  2. Select Settings (it’s in a left hand menu).
  3. Select Email.
  4. In the box for comment notification email, remove all email addresses and selected “save settings” so that no email address was in the box.
  5. Then typed in your email address and hit “save settings”.
  6. You will then receive an email from blogger asking you to “subscribe” to comments on your blog.

Each emailed comment then has an unsubscribe link/option at the foot of the email, therefore they now comply with GDPR.

You can do the same trick for Comment Moderation. Comment Moderation is also in Settings in Posts, comments and sharing, Comment moderation.

Again do the same, remove the email address, save settings, put in the email address then save settings.

You will get another email asking you to confirm with a link.

‘Email posts to’ is in Settings, Email just below Comment Notification.

I hope that solves the issues for you. I have been missing getting the emails when new comments arrive on the blog!


4 thoughts on “Blogger/Blogspot emails

    1. Steve

      I did a couple of test comments myself on Philofaxy which is on Blogspot.. not this one which is on WordPress!

  1. Donna Smith

    Thanks! Actually, I should have checked that spot – my email address was no longer in the box! I didn’t change it, and I’d been getting notifications up until sometime last year. I’ve been doing the shortcut of commenting on my own blog, clicking send notifications box and then deleting it. That worked to get my notifications. But I was getting tired of remembering to do it, and I wasn’t getting notified of comments on old posts. Glad I finally ran across this and I found my problem! Thanks!

    1. Steve Post author

      Hi Donna
      Yes it was a pain especially as Google didn’t acknowledge the issue at first and it took them a few weeks to solve the issue. I’ve had to go through the same process on each of my blogger blogs to get them all working again.


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