Living With Linux

Linux is an open source operating system that appeared back in the 1990’s possibly earlier. I’ve been using Linux in one form or another off and on since about 1993. In the early days it was just a command line system much like MS-DOS was around about that time before the days of Windows 3.1… . . . → Read More: Living With Linux


I’ve been using Dropbox now for over a year. I don’t know what we would do without it. We have had shared folders on our network for many years, but Dropbox takes this one step further and adds many additional useful features.

Even if you only have one computer Dropbox can act as a useful . . . → Read More: Dropbox

Ubuntu Linux

I’ve long been a Linux user, firstly as a command line user for running an old Amateur Radio TCP/IP system which I closed down back in 2003. More recently I have been using Fedora Core 3 on an old Intel P4 box. I started using this in the summer of 2005 whilst off work. Mainly . . . → Read More: Ubuntu Linux