A photography habit

I have a habit of taking photographs of the same scene multiple times! I am not sure if there is a name for this habit or not?

I like to use the same scene to:

  • Record changes over time;
  • To try out different cameras;
  • Experiment with camera settings

The results can be quite varied…

All of those were taken from approximately the same location. It is a viewpoint about 50 metres from our home here in France.

In the distance is the town of Thouars,(Nouvelle Aquitaine) and the land in the foreground is part of ‘Le Cirque de Missé with the river Thouet winding its way around the curves and pass a small hamlet of Fertevault.

I’ve often cropped my photos from this view to create some great panoramic photos.

I have sometimes spotted a lovely sunset whilst closing our shutters, grabbed a camera and jogged down to the viewpoint in my slippers! Unfortunately our house doesn’t over look this scene, but we are close enough.

Do you ever repeat photos of the same scene?