£200 Laptop

So can a £200 laptop cut the mustard…


It comes with Linux pre-installed… you can use an external USB drive for storage, or use on line storage of course… great for emails and a bit of surfing the net.. looking on the forum etc….what else do you need?

I think of it as a Psion 5mx replacement… it’s quite small… about the size of a hardback book…

Or there is the Nokia N810… although a friend was saying last night that it’s not that brilliant…

This one is a bit more portable.

Or there is the iPhone… very nice, but you would be tied to a mobile phone contract…. may be not, I think I would prefer to stick to a 2/3 box solution…

1. Mobile phone
2. Ipod
3. Laptop/small notebook pc/PDA of some kind.

Palm where about to bring out the Folieo
but for various reasons the product was cancelled…

Apple are rumoured to be bringing out a flash based MacBook in the new year… but that will not be in the below £500 bracket…

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