What’s in my camera bag

I mentioned my current camera bag in a previous post here,

It is a LowePro Orion AW, a combination of a small rucksack and a belt pack case. The rucksack isn’t intended for carrying your camera equipment, it serves as a day sack for your jacket and maps and lunch. But when joined to the beltpack it forms a very comfortable to use rucksack. Alternatively you can use the beltpack with a shoulder strap and the waist belt again this combination is quite comfortable to use.

At first I thought I would be limited in what equipment I would be able to carry in the new bag. I still have my Mini Trekker, which I use to regularly ‘over load’ with everything, but I haven’t found the smaller size of the Orion that limiting.

LowePro’s page on the Orion AW is here

So what is in the bag… well all of this gear:

  • Canon EOS 20D DSLR + grip
  • Canon EOS 30 SLR + grip
  • 17-85 mm zoom
  • 28-105 mm zoom
  • 75-300 mm zoom
  • 420ex flash gun
  • And various accessories

The clever thing is way of fitting all of that in to a case that looks like this:

The 75-300 mm zoom is in the lower left hand corner, above it is the flash gun. On the right the EOS30 body is slotted in with the grip bulge towards the bottom of the case, the 28-105 mm, is in the top right hand corner, with a the cables above it. In the center section, in the bottom sits the battery grip for the EOS30 with a pad over the top of it. This is then big enough for the EOS20D with it’s 17-85 zoom lens attached and it’s battery grip also attached to sit face down supported by the padded dividors at the top and bottom of this section. The dividors have spare batterys and other accessories stored behind them.

Fully loaded it looks like this, unzip the top of the bag and the EOS20D is instantly available: