Photography Update

I’ve recently bought a new camera bag a Lowepro Orion AW beltpack/backpack which I’ve found works very well. It’s in place of my Lowepro Minitrekker, which is a great bag, but I tended to put too many things in it and overloaded my back!!

This evening I was sorting through my things and wondered… what would it be like to go back to using film again… has any one tried? I have two very good film cameras an OM30 and an EOS30.

The OM30 is both small and light for an SLR, I bought it second hand over 20 years ago now, I don’t think I’ve put a film through it in over 5 or 6 years. The EOS30 is a lot newer of course and I used it up until I got my 20D, but likewise it’s remained unused since going digital…

So I might sent myself a challenge by putting a film through one of my old cameras and see how things turn out… have I lost the touch!

The other thing that I noticed that, with a fixed lens on the OM30 how bright the viewfinder image is!! With a lot of us using zoom lens these days with their restricted apertures, we forget what it is like to use a fixed focal length lens.

2 thoughts on “Photography Update

  1. Anonymous Bosch

    yeah put some film through those cameras!
    The EOS30 is an excellent camera .
    You cant beat a fixed lens
    i use a 50mm most of the time even on my digtal slr
    and a 35 0n my rangefinder

  2. Diane

    I stumbled across my old faithful last night too – a Pentax MZ50 SLR. Very lightweight plus autofocus. It was when I was looking for a bigger zoom, still lightweight, still AF, that I succumbed to digital, about 4 years ago. But I’m loathe to get rid of it … I might try out a film too. Thanks for the reminder, and thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog.


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