Camera Bag Addiction!

Could this be a new modern day addiction, one that doesn’t involve any chemicals sold by odd characters on street corners.

If you have ever been a subscriber to any of the photographic forums, when ever the topic of what camera bag do you use for your Camera XYZ comes up, all the lurkers come out of the shadows to offer their suggestions, ‘oh I use this and I have this body, this lens, this flash gun’ it results in a full inventory of their camera gear and what bag they haul all this stuff around in.

I’ve found myself recently falling in to this addiction for LowePro bags and accessories. My list is growing, but it’s not all for camera stuff, the latest edition to my stable is a LowePro Rezo 15, for my Apple Video iPod or is it iPod Video (you have to get the names in the right order!). I used the excuse that I wanted something that would contain my iPod, protect it’s shiny surfaces from the elements and knocks.

Oh alright it was another excuse to get the latest catalogue to peruse and size up what bag or pouch would hold my iPod, after carefully measuring it and then scouring the catalogue for the pefect fit…

I will resist the temptation to list my full collection here…

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