Why I’m still against Pinterest – The continuing saga

Every day this week I have had to file a DMCA notice on Pinterest to ask them to remove images that are mine off of their site. The problem of keeping images off of their site seems to have returned, as bad as it was this time last year

Why I don’t want my images . . . → Read More: Why I’m still against Pinterest – The continuing saga

Blogger Comments Problems

I’ve occasionally heard of people not being able to comment on Philofaxy, but until tonight I was unable replicate the symptoms. By talking to one or two users about what exactly the blog was or wasn’t doing, I got a few ideas.

In the past I’ve suggested people trying different browsers this has been with . . . → Read More: Blogger Comments Problems

Filofax Blogging Tips

Most of the following tips also apply to blogging in general, but most Filofax bloggers come to blogging for the first time. I’ve learnt by trial and error and by reading other peoples blogs to get ideas and I have tried out some ideas of my own.


What you call your blog is very . . . → Read More: Filofax Blogging Tips