This Month in Pictures – November 2012

A busy month for me with a trip back to UK which included two meet ups one in Edinburgh and another in London meeting Philofaxy readers.

Scott Memorial Edinburgh London Meet Up – City Organiser Edinburgh Meet Up Fleshmarket Close – Edinburgh Jenners in Edinburgh Edinburgh Meet Up – Filofax Stack A house we helped find for a client London Meet Up

This Month in Pictures – October 2012

This month I’ve not taken many photos, or rather many varied subjects this last month. I took a whole series of photos of Alison for her publicity shots for her soon to be printed book. Details on her website.

The other photos are of the Eglise Saint Médard in Thouars and a small art gallery . . . → Read More: This Month in Pictures – October 2012

My month in pictures

I was reminded today that I don’t really share many of my photographs on line these days.

In the past I have been an active contributor to DeviantArt and a few other sites, but I have never really found a site I have got on well with for one reason or another.

So I have . . . → Read More: My month in pictures