New Years Resolutions

So are you making any this coming year. I don’t normally but this year I was thinking about making one or two and posting them up on my notice board next to my PC to remind me of all the things I’ve promised to do, or that I should be doing instead of sitting in front of the PC!!

Number 1 on the list will be DECLUTTER… I’ve made a start… but need to continue.. especially in the garage, the shed, the loft… it goes on!! Time to get rid of all those ‘just in case I need them later’ type things… that I never do, or I forget where I’ve put them!!

Number 2… take more photographs… seems obvious really. I think I will start to carry a small digital compact to capture those things you see around you every day…

I’m sure there are others I will add later over the next few days… I will keep you posted…

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