Why I’m against Pinterest.

I’ve been quite vocal on line in the last few weeks about the site Pinterest and how I’ve been finding my own images on there, without my permission being sought to put them there.

Copyright violation and rights of use violations on this site are rife. Marketing people seem to like the site from a . . . → Read More: Why I’m against Pinterest.

Google Analytics

Anybody who has a blog or a website loves to know how many people visit their site. In early days of the web these took the form of simple counters, but they don’t really tell you a lot of information about your visitors.

I’ve been using Google Analytics for about 5 years or so now, . . . → Read More: Google Analytics


I guess a lot of people use something like Google Reader or iGoogle. I’ve used both in the past, but back in about 2004/5 I came across Protopage and I’ve not used anything else since. It’s a free ad supported service.

I have Protopage sent as my home page in every browser on all my . . . → Read More: Protopage