Old School Drawing Tools!

I loved technical drawing at school. In my training I spent a couple of months in the drawing office updating building plans and the like. I remembered the other day my Rotring pens and stencils

DSCF1794 DSCF1795

I discovered them in one of my cupboards along with the drawing arm attachment. I bought all of these when I was working in Cyprus about 30 years ago. Surprisingly the ink hadn’t gone solid! I put some ink in one of the pens and gave it a try… it worked.

I was a little rusty as you can see about how to get the spacing right on the letters, but it was fun trying them out again.

I can remember in the late 1980’s using these stencils to label some Filofax dividers… none of your fancy labelling machines!

Last night I did a quick search for Rotring drawing instruments, the Isograph 2000 pens are still available, but gosh I was surprised at the price, they don’t appear to sell the same ‘8 pen set’ I have.  They don’t appear to still make the A2 drawing arm attachment, but mine still all fits together ok.

2 comments to Old School Drawing Tools!

  • I’d love to see some drawings if you still have any.

    • Steve

      Unfortunately I don’t have many left, I used the kit a lot a work at one time and naturally that sort of thing I couldn’t bring home! I might have some old plans in our store somewhere that I did for our house extension about 20 years ago. I will take a look

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