Pinterest will boost your web traffic?

Well that’s what a lot of pundits are saying… so in a follow up to my post about why I hate or dislike Pinterest, I thought I would look in to the claim about boosting traffic.

As some of my readers may or may not know, I’m a contributor to the popular Philofaxy blog about Filofax personal organisers. It has a large number of people visiting it every day.

So in the period 1 Jan 2012 to 29 Feb 2012 the blog had 74261 visits, with 214438 page views… yes it really is that popular! I then looked at the traffic sources and going down the league table right down in 33rd from the top was referrals from Pinterest all 139 of them… and some of those 139 would have been me investigating images that I found posted on the site.

So I would say that in our case no it will not boost your web traffic.

It’s not just me either… take a look at the two posts on the topic on another very popular blog Living Locurto

1 thought on “Pinterest will boost your web traffic?

  1. Jafabrit

    Nope, never boosted traffic for me, add to that most people see my images have no idea it’s mine because they were pinned from google search with no attribution.


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