My Glorified E-reader and toy–the HP Touchpad – Guest Post by Sandra

I’m very pleased to welcome Sandra a ‘Philofaxy friend’ of mine from the USA to write this guest post as part of the Philofaxy All Stars Tour. Sandra also writes her own blog – Filofanatic

So in August I was browsing the Internet and stumbled on an announcement about Hewlett Packard selling off their inventory of Touchpads. These tablets mimic an iPad but with less coolness and a smaller number of applications are available. Well, I am so not cool and simply wanted something to serve as an e-reader. I was contemplating a laptop or a Kindle, but the price point of these ($99 for 16GB storage, $149 for 32GB) made me think: Must. Buy. Now.

I hurriedly bought two of them (my DH is so lucky) and told a few friends to jump in on this opportunity as well. Thus far the Touchpad has been a terrific alternative to checking my email on my Blackberry or surfing the Internet on my poor, old Dell desktop. The Touchpad has a small number of apps available in comparison to the iPad, but it serves my needs well. I use the Kindle app to download books, the Facebook app to avoid the real work I have to do, the AuctionMate app to scope out Filofax deals, and the Accuweather app to see just how flippin’ cold it will be here today. I use the NPR, Chicago Tribune, Wall Street Journal and Washington Post Reader to catch up on things. And, there is Feed Reader, too! Yippee!

Another neat-o feature is this: all of my personal email addresses are consolidated into one place. Love it! And logging in and catching up on electronic reading is even more pleasant because I can tote the Touchpad anywhere around the home (or where WiFi is available).I can open Google Calendar easily (use it for meal planning and tracking daily routines) as well and coordinate all that is my crazy life.  My dear husband is trying out Google Calendar, and when I update and add information and such to my tablet and it shoots reminders and updates to his smartphone. This is brilliant. And it beats me dictating reminders to him for to jot down in his notebook. Nice!


The TouchPad looks like an iPad so I’ve been told. I haven’t seen one up close and personal, so take their word for it. The front-facing camera isn’t worth using, truly, but I can use the messaging option to have face-to-convos with others that have a webcam. And while I have used Skype with the Touchpad to join Philofaxy chats, a microphone is needed for clarity and better sound quality.  In addition to reading like a crazed teacher, the tablet is also nice for listening to Pandora Internet radio anywhere throughout the home and for playing Angry Birds (!). There are some other apps I like also, and the kids love to play games on it the rare moments I let them play with it.  This tablet is not a work tool at all—but it is a fun toy with more capabilities than I have described. Score one for me!

Thanks for reading! And thank you Sandra, I’ve yet to jump in to the Tablet arena, but I have to admit I am tempted!

1 thought on “My Glorified E-reader and toy–the HP Touchpad – Guest Post by Sandra

  1. JoshuaLaPorte

    I was tempted by that offer, but was totally undecided over this vs. the BlackBerry Playbook, which is somewhat nicer to use, in my opinion. Still tablet-less, but can see the value. Maybe someday?


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