Picasa 3.5 – Face Recognition

Picasa is an application for orgainising and doing minor editing of your photo collections. It is a Google application which is free to download and use.

It offers a lot of the usual facilities such as sharing on line, printing, slideshows etc. I’ve been using it for a number of years and I can’t fault it really.

The latest version has recently been released and it includes face recognition. Admittedly this isn’t the first application to offer this. But I was fascinated to try this out on my growing collection of digital photographs.

It scans through your collection and then shows the faces for you to put a name to. Having been told a name it then automatically puts the same faces in to their own ‘album’ If it’s not sure it offers them up again etc. All quite easy to use as well.

Some amusing things are popping up as it continues to scan my collection. It occasionally matches two brothers as being the same person. Easily corrected.

It’s also pulled out statues in photos too! You can however, tell it to ‘ignore people’ such as people in the background etc.

I did some pictures of the Tour de France last year and all the riders are starting to appear in the face scan window…

I’ve got a terrible memory for names so hopefully this new feature will help me remember peoples names in my advancing years!

3 thoughts on “Picasa 3.5 – Face Recognition

  1. Steve

    Hi Paul
    Check on the website to see if version 3.5 is available for the Mac. It's new to that version.


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