IGo 3500 series power charger

I bought this unit a few months ago, it came up on one of the Friday offers at Expansys and I bought it without really appreciating what it was or what it could do. I was pleasantly surprised as to what was included in the package and what it could do.

The unit takes either A.C. Mains input (100-230V) or DC battery input (11.75-30 V) and converts it in to two D.C. Outputs. The unit came with all the input leads and output leads all stored in a neat carry case along with a variety of ‘iTips’ The iTips are the secret to this unit as they allow you to connect to lots of different devices.

As I’m frequently travelling back and forth to our house in Thouars, France, the number of chargers and power packs we need on hand was starting to get a little over the top. Some of the chargers we have duplicates of so we leave some at the house and some back in UK. But that only really covered our mobile phones.

So having a unit that can charge a lot of different gadgets is quite a boom. The unit came with a number of different mobile phone connections, iPod connector, iPaq (PDA) connector and a number of others. Additional connectors are available from Expansys or from iGo themselves, they cover game consoles, digital cameras, mp3 players. One of the tips that came with the pack was a mini USB connector, so anything that charges via that should also work.



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