Google Analytics

Anybody who has a blog or a website loves to know how many people visit their site. In early days of the web these took the form of simple counters, but they don’t really tell you a lot of information about your visitors.

I’ve been using Google Analytics for about 5 years or so now, . . . → Read More: Google Analytics

Tom Tom Customer Service

These days it seems to be impossible to get an answer to a simple question…

How much do you charge to replace the battery on my Sat Nav? Read from top to bottom

Customer Steve Morton 13/03/2011 10.37 AM Hi My battery on my GO 720 doesn’t hold it’s charge for very long (10 mins!) . . . → Read More: Tom Tom Customer Service

Steve Jobs 1955-2011

It was with some sadness that I checked my iPod Touch early this morning to see the breaking news about the death of Steve Jobs. I had never met the man himself, but his attention to detail that people have been talking about today in various tributes certainly came across.

If you have any iOS . . . → Read More: Steve Jobs 1955-2011